Monday, August 25, 2008

The Office

Thought I might post a few thoughts on My New Office as it is so different from anywhere I have ever been before.

It's open plan and (I think) spacious, although pretty full of people and equipment.
There are nine people working in the main space. It has a mezzanine level with two more desks at it and a little kitchen area. The first time I saw people working on the mezzanine level - and yes, they are guys, I just thought of Daniel Cleaver's office in the film Bridget Jones. The architect MUST have had it in mind!

It's not actually all that crowded; perhaps a little cluttered (that'll be my stuff!) but if you have ever worked in a large office (as I did when with the RBS Head Office)or in dreaded "pods" then there is quite a lot of space with storage perhaps being the main issue.

Very appealingly, there is a kind of communal cup when it comes to office snacks - there is a staff fruit bowl or staff donuts/biscuits, depending on the mood of the staff. There is "emergency chocolate" (80% cocoa solids, none the less) in the Office Manager's drawer. And a lovely atmosphere too. I was worried that I would really miss that about my previous place of work (the main office was a bit of a hub, but we all had small personal offices too).

I can also see the great benefits in communication; a walk down the corridor just becomes a gentle call-out to ask a question or check a detail with someone.

I've not been here long enough to comment if it's too noisy to work in or not, but it does feel kind of weird when it's totally quiet and you need to make a phone call. In an open plan office you *do* hear what other people are saying. I'm much more aware that I shouldn't be sound as flippant on the phone - the person on the other side of the call knows me but those around don't necessarily (yet).

The reality is that I don't spend all my working time in this base as I am required to meet with so many people and I delight in doing that. I love visiting and chatting to people, finding out what they think about children's ministry here.

It begins!

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