Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day Three - Spring Harvest

Feeling a bit tired today on account of
1. working with children
2. concentrating hard
3. keeping my own children going when most people can crash for an hour in the afternoon
4. trying to read a heavy duty theology book
5. going to late night comedy with these guys

Go check them out if you ever get the opportunity - it was a great night! So feeling sleepy is entirely my own fault.

Following on what seems like a duplicate from yesterday's post; had a great conversation with this guy who truly does the miraculous (makes Maths fun!) and is also a mega-talented kids/family worker from the 'Shire. Loving this networking melarky which just kinda happens at an event like Spring Harvest.

And because the theme of "walking in his footsteps", looking at different learning styles, examines something educationalists have been saying for years; that we are all different and the talk talk talk sit in rows style of doing church does not suit everybody and interaction and listening and reflection and practicing are very important.

Very interesting to hear Steve Chalke talk on something (cough) kids leaders have been talking for years........

::::::::: flee!!! ::::::::::::


  1. Anonymous12:06 AM

    .............and something we educationalists have been talking about for years...churches really do need to waken up! Margaretx PS it was me that made the other post about Burner!

  2. Indeed. So have the community educationlists.

    Comm Ed is like church without the Jesus part...!


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