Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day one - Spring Harvest

After the obligatory marital bust up over navigation - A68 ....never again!! - here we are in the springtime cold of Skegness. Slightly disappointed to be lugging wheeled objects and heavy bags for four people, two of whom can't even carry a sweatshirt for fear it overloads their wee arms, up to the upper floor of accomodation. We have been spoilt in years past by having ground floor chalets.

Just about to practice accent modification for the benefit of the children and fellow team members of the Shire - thankfully the more colloquial edges of our accents have been evened out by eight months in our new home.

Looking forward to the fast moving programme that characterises the truly wonderful Powerpack - the website has been recently updated so if you haven't looked at it recently, do look at it again.

And buy a copy of Shine (the album) too - its great (available on the resource page)!


  1. Eek, A68 is horrible, horrible road. I've been on it once and it made me feel horribly ill.

    Where is Skegness (I mean I know it's in England...and on a coast...but that's the limits of my knowledge)

  2. Head down A1, past one little chef after another until you reach some stinking great cooling towers. That's Doncaster. take a left there towards Lincoln and drive on some even worse red routes where loads of cars and motorbikes come off the road due to the boredom of driving at 35mph behind a tractor/caravan for 50 miles straight (well, not straight, in perpendicular lines round fields)

    When you hit the North Sea, you're at Skegness. If the wond doesn't hit you first!

  3. Anonymous6:54 PM


    Good to hear you've arrived and things are going well. Regarding accomodation, I looked on the powerpack website and realised that to avoid all those stairs and for the sake of your children's arms, you should have booked into this:
    Ground Level Leaders Conference
    DATE: 30th Mar - 3rd Apr
    LOCATION: Swanwick, Derbyshire


  4. You lost me at Lincoln. Know the A1/M1 all the way from Edinburgh to London though. I thought Lincoln was somewhere East Midlands ish. Oh dear.


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