Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm BACK!!!!!!

This has been my longest absence ever.
But with good reason.

I moved house.
Phone and internet not connected yet.
I completed my final final final theology degree exams and written assignments.
I'm finished!!! It feels so good as this has been such a long year with a lot more written work to complete.

Since I blogged last, work has been really busy too.
There's been a busy all age service and I am getting ready to preach again. I've taken children away for a residential weekend with lots of outdoor activities and teaching sessions on God's heart.
Also had a Saturday training session with these guys - if you work with children or young people and/or are a church leader and you have never connected with these guys, then I recommend taking a peek at their website.

Last weekend was a house move extraordinaire with about fifteen people helping us and we have been blown away by folks helping us clean, unpack and cooking for us. We are blessed indeed.

We moved into our new home exactly a year to the day from making this announcement to our old church.
It's been a really, really hard year in so many ways but it has grown our faith. I have never prayed so much, cried so much, been as vulnerable, scared and doubting yet have had to trust so much and seen AMAZING provision for everything that I need.

God is faithful and I love him even more than I ever did before.


  1. Hi Lynn!
    So glad you're back and all is well. I kept meaning to ask how things were going.

    That's so exciting about the house move! We've been here just a year now too and have gone through the same struggles and tears (well I have anyway) but God is doing some great stuff in and through us and I'm so excited about the next stage as a couple and a church!

    Hope you get a chance to relax a bit after your busy few weeks.

    Lindsay x

  2. Thanks Lindsay and BK :-)
    Its good to be back!

  3. Well done to you all! Can't believe that's exactly a year - so much has happened in so short a time. You guys continue to inspire us in our faith journey, although I hope our move will be a little less traumatic!!
    See you sooooon,
    love from the Hunts xx

  4. miss you lots V


  5. Whilst I do praise God for sustaining you through all this stuff, Lynn, I take the advice of your later post and say WELL DONE to you too - you're such a star and an inspiration. I'm stressed out today just getting ready for a new kitchen to be installed, never mind moving house and job whilst studying and mothering. Respect!

  6. My children have been absolutely amazing Anne. Whilst for most of the academic year I have managed to squish the studying in to night times when they are in bed (they still go off quite early) the pressure was really on from the end of April to 10 June and I had to study and write a lot on Saturdays (and on my days off when the children were at school. That was painful!)

    I took them for a treat on Saturday - we went to see Night at the Museum 2, which was mildly entertaining but lovely for us to cuddle up on a cinema with SOFAS!

    Thanks for your kind words.
    You know way back in January you kept me going when I wanted to give it all up!



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