Monday, May 25, 2009

Qualicum Beach, British Columbia

Hello there Qualicum Beach!

Feedjit is a wonderful tool (see left hand side of the blog)

Whenever I have a spare moment, I look at all the places blog readers come from and daydream away, imagining who they are, what they do, what the geographical place they live is like (so for Qualicum Beach I am imagining white sand and deep blue sea, it being BC an' all; no shallow aquamarine inlets seeing as you are right on the edge of the Pacific basin.

ahhh here you go.........check this picture out!

[actually the more I think about it, the more I wonder if I know the person who lives here - is it you, D??]

I wonder if the regular visitor from Milton Keynes works for these people as that's where their HQ is (I think).

I wonder if the person from Oakland California who visits this blog regularly is permanently suntanned as CA is very hot I believe and to me will always be the home of Anaheim Vineyard (one place I have always wanted to go!!).

I wonder if the person from Chicago Illinois works for a church or works with children.

Scores and scores of people from N America have hit on the blog by searching for "children and communion". I wondered if a lectionary or some popular teaching material used all across the States suggested doing communion with children in April/May as for some reason this topic was hit really heavily.

If you are even possibly one of the people I have mentioned, please do "out" yourself and leave a comment to say hello. I send you warm greetings and love in Christ Jesus from my little corner of the UK.


  1. I don't like this. Now I've got to remember not to check out your blog while gambling online. My secret addiction would then be exposed to the world...

  2. LOL Rhubarb
    Your secret is safe with me.
    Somehow, some locations are either hidden or routed so sometimes I come out as West Bromwich....

  3. haha that's crazy. Qualicum Beach is like a town with 5000 people and I'm suprisred you can pin point us.

    If Princeton, BC shows up that's me too when I'm at our camping facility.

    I randomly check blogs when I have a few minutes. I wonder that shows up when I am on my iPhone?

    You and you guessed right, it is D - I used to be a youth leader with Brodie.

  4. So if you're wondering... the school I work at is on Condor Close...the office is on Village Way, our only grocery store is at Fern and Memorial and I live two blocks up from there.

    The beach is pretty awesome but I'd rather go to parksville for that.,-124.437397&spn=0.006975,0.017188&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A

  5. man, DJ, what a small world we live in....don't worry feedjit doesn't pinpoint houses (before people don't want to visit the blog anymore!!) I just put two and two together and remembered you were in BC.

    I don't understand how the routing works for Qualicum Beach to come up on feedjit whereas London (1.8 million) comes up as London and not Hammersmith (for example)

    have a good week!


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