Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'll try and put a few pics up, here's just the one for now.
It was a great day and I am so glad I went to the ceremony with some family and friends. Some people do graduate in absentia but the college had put so much effort into making it a special event that I didn't want to miss it even though our holiday to Cornwall had been booked from the Thursday. Even though I had graduated once before at one of Scotland's oldest universities (!), a long time ago (!!), it was a quick affair as there were hunnerds of MA Honours graduands. Saturday 4th July's ceremony lavished more than a few seconds on each graduate, announcing their award along with information about their future career plans or current involvement.

There was a classic moment: as I walked across the platform to the Principal of the college, it was announced that I was continuing to work for XX X church, where I had been on staff since 2004 - which of course was incorrect. There were a few of my friends there and I felt more than a tad embarrassed and emotional that, no, actually, I DIDN'T work and serve there anymore.

But I do feel a massive sense of achievement and relief (and release!) - I went in 2003/04 session to take ONE module only and now I have a degree and I will be eternally grateful to my anonymous sponsor(s), whoever they are, who believed I could do it and backed me financially.

More about our holiday on another post!

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