Thursday, July 02, 2009

July here we come

Its been all go here with a new house needing unpacked and a housewarming for 100 people from the "other side" of Scotland.

Also, on Saturday I will be mainly graduating with a BA in Theology!
Promise to post a photo!

That same day we are off to Costa del Cornwall for a fortnight in an unexpected and much longed for holiday in a caravan by the beach. Can't wait. Need to get away and see a change of scene, to study JG Dunn and the new persective on Paul - NOT!!!

Here's what I am going to do:-
* have long sleeps
* enjoy my children
* spend quality time with Mr HIWWC
* hopefully not spend too much money
* build sandcastles
* jump waves
* eat ice cream
* read Cosmo and Bill Johnson (good combo)
* go and see some lovely gardens
* visit the Eden Project
* not think about work at all (I have no problem switching off as there is no internet in the field!)

My interesting and random fact of the day is that J G Dunn, considered the leading NT scholar in the world, went to the same school as Annedroid and myself. So there you go.


  1. If you go to Polzeath, visit the Tube Station...heard lots about it from certain blogging smallgroup leaders who are not long back from Costa del Cornwall.

  2. We're there already BK, Sun 12 July, non-stop worship between 7.30 and 8.30pm :-)


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