Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Resource

CWR has launched two daily devotional books for children six years of age and under.

The Jesus and Me Every Day volumes are brightly illustrated and easy to understand, giving young children a fun yet meaningful entry into daily Bible study.

They also offer Christian families a creative way to talk about the Bible with their children and introduce them to regular prayer.

The volumes each explore 10 much-loved Bible stories and themes over 60 days of devotionals, talking points and prayers.

My son is daft about Topz for age 7+ (must do Topz before I go to bed mummy!) and this new resource for under 7s is well worth checking out. I love CWR resources.

Book 1 looks at themes such as giving, helping and the start of creation, while Book 2 looks at the young Jesus, Moses the leader, Elisha and Abraham.

The books are written and illustrated by Eira Reeves and published by CWR priced £5.99 each.

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