Tuesday, September 08, 2009


September is the month when everything kicks off afresh.

My aim this month is to overhaul the links to blogs I read at the side of this page, as sadly some of them are no longer in existence, add some good books to read and perhaps do a wee redesign.

Good intentions now that I have so much free time......
White woman speak with forked tongue.
More about that in another post!

Meanwhile, I would love to encourage ANYONE who read this blog to please, please say hello in the comments box, even just raise a little wave and you can do that anonymously without anyone knowing who you are. You can even become a blog follower and get updates sent to you automatically. The newest person to join is James and you can find out more about him if you click the followers section on the left hand side of the page.

Look forward to reading your hellos. (even if you have been away over the summer!)


  1. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I simply WILL NOT be cajoled into commenting - so there!


  2. hello! I like you already!

    Welcome (?) or welcome back Ms/Mr "Er" :-)

  3. Hiya DG - thanks for your cheery blog, still enjoying reading all your family news!

    Wishing you a lovely September :-)

  4. even though you already know who I am and that I read your blog, I'll say hello again anyways!


  5. thank you BK! DO you like me wee overhaul at the sides of the page? :-)

  6. Hey missus,
    I'm still following you & your blog, with it's excellent mix of newsy bits & thoughtful reflections.
    Nice new look by the way.
    See you soon,

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