Friday, February 26, 2010

Two Must Reads/Watch

OK so I am suposed to be doing something else - like finish writing Parent History Maker Sheets for the children's discipleship group tomorrow - but I have just found two things I simply *must* recommend you read or watch.

1, George Barna's blog. With no disrespect to some megachurch websites (far, far west of here), where I read the senior pastor's blog and positional statements on why only women must wash dishes, this is the one BLOG you have got to read.

We need to get into worldview thinking and watch the signs too. Prophetically significant, not a slave to culture but an interpreter thereof; an adviser, not a soothsayer - that's my roundup of George Barna and the Barna Organisation.

2. I wish I had an iPhone. But I can't. So to make me feel better I laughed and laughed at this.


  1. Unfortunately I am coveting my neighbours iPhone very badly at the moment!

  2. Hazel5:22 PM

    2 points - there are some churches not so far far west of here, but maybe a bit further north who could spend time justifying why only women should wash dishes - I kid you not...
    I am so free of coveting any techy gadgets 'cos I cannae work them! My Nokia 1600 serves me well, lol! However, would rather spend the money on loads of shoes so it doesn't mean I don't have a problem with coveting stuff in general!


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