Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Please do connect and comment. I loved the collegiate approach taken to discussions during the Holy Spirit in the World today conference.

I often spend time overseeing what goes on in other places other than the main auditorium on Sunday mornings and miss out on end of service chat in my day job so it's been great to have some theology chat here and down in London. I've learnt lots through it!

There have been thousands of visitors to the blog over the last four years but a bit of a hiatus in comments so any encouraging/kind/constructive comments are very welcome and feel free to read back or click on the "children and theology/worship/communion etc" links on the left.



  1. Comments are dropping off across the blogosphere - having been overtaken by FB and other social networks as an interactive forum. Recently I found that although I posted something on my blog - the discussion that came out of it happened on FB, rather than on the comments section.

  2. Good point THM, worthy perhaps of PhD research??


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