Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Children and teamwork

Back from four days away working as a team on a programme of activities for children at a national celebration.

80+ adults working together to teach children more about God and his Kingdom. Everyone was the same. No-one was "staff" and the others "volunteers". There was loads of talking in person. No emails, phones, or post it notes. No having to phone your boss to make sure you got some important information across, or emailing scores of volunteers who work with you in your home church. Sure there was a boss, and his/her instructions were happily followed, but it was done in the old fashioned way - by face to face talking :-) How people coped before mobiles, computers and paper !?!

We lived together camped (literally) in a circle; chatting, eating and drinking together.

Loved it.

This would be my recommendation for any children's worker - go to one of these events and be one of a team!


  1. Lynn...looking good! Keep it up. You're being prayed for today in "bonnie" Pennsylvania!

  2. Hi Brett.
    You may like to know that I finished my Kingdom of God assignment 30 minutes before it was due to be submitted.
    Thanks for your prayers :-)


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