Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Sunday with 170 children........ through this Sunday - the "back to school" Sunday for Scottish children who attend church.

Great fun but slightly stressful. Children moving up groups; excited children; children bawling because they were "moving room"; children determined to talk non-stop till called (heh heh; the teacher voice projection never leaves you!!); but definitely pleased to be jumping and dancing in worship. I really must get a "setter-upper" - for me to set up the AV projector, laptop, get a mic working and fiddle with the PA all in 5 mins flat (as the hall is not available beforehand) is making my recently highlighted hair gain a few more grey flecks's all outweighed by the voice of the 5 year old who, when asked what makes God so powerful says "the Holy Spirit" and the 8 year old who recalls God's power in getting the whole family out of a difficult and dangerous situation which threatened them all.

This reminds me why I should listen carefully to children!

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