Tuesday, July 31, 2007

5 things about having a preschooler......

Here are five things that I thought of tonight that celebrate life with a preschooler - for I only have two more weeks of life with a preschooler - and then both of my wee ones will be Big School Children. I keep expecting to become emotional about that; not so far; but then she who types this is the one who booked tickets to see Chris Tomlin in Belfast the night before Child # 2 undertakes that rite of passage that is The First Day of School. We'd have been over the ocean at 9am if it wasn't for a quick change of flight to the first plane out of N Ireland......

Anyway - here are five things that mark these last few weeks that will be forgotten about in a few years time, when my children hurtle towards the teen years; in fact, readers with older children will probably go "ah yes, I remember that"

5 things that mark out the preschooler years:-

* You've Been Framed on a Saturday night becomes a powerful weapon in "you will eat your dinner" battle.
* having to read Thomas The Tank Engine (dire stuff)
* five pairs of jammies a night whilst toilet training the male of the species
* ominous silence equating with worry (what are they up to?) or fear (are they still breathing?)
* snails provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment

What marks or marked out preschooler years for you?


  1. Hey - snails STILL provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment - preschoolers or not!!!!

  2. P.S. - Anybody want some snails when our two start producing the off-spring. They are very low-maintenance!

  3. PS meant to add - the jammies are the wee boy's - not mine!!!

    PS Graham....errrr.....no thanks!


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