Sunday, July 01, 2007

Page 161

Brodie has tagged everyone to take the book nearest to them that they have been reading, and type here the fifth full sentence on page 161.

Pretty cool idea!

He urges us not to pick up the book that we may feel is the coolest, but to pick up that which honestly reflects our current reading. OK then.

I was fairly serious when I mentioned Heat mag to another blogger :0) I'm on holiday!
If I'd gone for my copy of Cosmo it would have been worse as the quote would probably have been rude.

But that which is nearest me, and I have REALLY been reading it, is:
Scottish Geographical Education, Teachers, Texts and Trends (be still my beating heart, eh?)

page 161, 5th sentence reads:
Specific coverage of the Scottish Studies syllabus, examined in Paper 1 and worth 40% of the mark allocation, mainly come from two groups of books and related teaching material from the mid-1970s.

Anyone still there.............?


  1. No way those books in the picture are yours!

    Spitting in dinner aaaaaaaaaaaaargh (continued reference to earlier post)

  2. Why can't those books in the picture be mine? :::::pout::::: They just may have glossy pictures in the middle that you can't see!

    And I bring kids up well, don't ya think? :0)

  3. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Stuart - what lies behind your suggestion that these could not be Lynn's books???? She doesn't have a big enough shelf/bookcase? She doesn't display her collection of books .............or something else????

    As for page 161 - sums up what might be a problem with Scottish geographical education if it's a recent publication!!


  4. I'm neanderthal-like in my reading. Happy to admit it.


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