Friday, June 29, 2007

The Countdown......

Ach. Last week the dishwasher broke down. I actually had to don gloves and wash dishes. My second hate, after dusting.

This week the washing machine broke down and I had to pay an engineer to sign its death certificate. I've been a little peeved with this and with a situation hanging over me, where I spoke out on what I perceived as an unjust situation. You know how sometimes you wish you hadn't bothered? I don't feel like this!! 'nuff said.

My little boy also celebrated his last week in nursery with his biggest tantrum ever - all records were broken; the gloves were off. This consisted of: spitting in his sister's dinner, slamming doors, kicking the bath panel so it came off and drawing pictures in the bath by squirting my shampoo and conditioner everywhere (when he was supposed to be in Triple P's "quiet time". Well, he was quiet at that moment. Artistic naughtiness takes concentration) All in half an hour.

I put him to bed at 6.15pm

I've got over that now. He's not too bad either! Never mind, off to Valencia in 5 days time.

It's going to be a good weekend. We're going to spend the evening with good friends tomorrow who we've not hung out with for a while. On Saturday I'm getting my hair cut (always a high) and going to hear this man speak. Everyone I know is raving about Velvet Elvis, must get it for holiday reading. (if anyone wants a ticket for this event, email me as a friend has loads spare and he would like to get rid of them)

Please visit Still Small Voices if you have the chance as it's been great for me personally to see a wee comment exchange going. Feel its been revived a little. Thanks to my comrades on this project, Brodie and Stuart for re-igniting this.

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  1. Spitting in dinner! Aaaargh.

    I am sure that Rob will see that you have had your hair done.


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