Saturday, February 23, 2008

lovely day

It's been a lovely day. It started with coffee with my playground pals in Costa at 9am - unwind into the weekend, talk about our kids and families, inevitably chat about the weekends (and how to get rid of nits - but that's another thread) and topics to do with faith almost inevitably crop up as two out of the crowd of us are Christians but it's so natural. And the best thing is; that's not why I go. I love these women and their company and hanging out with them on Fridays and Mondays keeps me grounded, and strangely supports me in an important way because I'm just being me.

I have been offered some supply teaching days on Fridays recently - the money would be most welcome - but I have turned them down because I love my non-agenda "me-time" Fridays so much. I need to keep space for "me".

Then I went for a facial - my mum's Christmas present to me. Soooooo relaxing! Next, I found someone's mobile phone in the street and called the sensibly named "Ma" of the person (found in the SIM memory) who alerted her son that a stranger had found his phone and was keeping it safe and some hours later he picked it up from me outside the local school.

When he collected his phone he thanked me and said "I put a line on for you". He handed me a lottery ticket - with five pounds worth of numbers on it. What's a Christian who does not personally support the lottery to do with this? I thanked him profusely and decided in an instant that this was a lovely act of gratitude from one random stranger to another. Bless him tonight Lord for thinking of me in that way!

So if these numbers come up............? Check back on Sunday!

Then we went out for tea with the kids to a local bistro. Yum.

And now its 2am - I went out again at 9pm to a "soiree" with many of the bunch from the 9am "primary school mums" gathering as one of our number is moving away - great chat and relaxed company.

Thank you Father God for a relaxing day full of surprises, treats and friendships with people everywhere who don't know you - yet. I've loved today! I love these people and I feel blessed to know them!

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