Monday, February 25, 2008

Shameless plug

I'm running a daytime alpha course at the moment and loving it as usual. I've written before about teatime alpha (snippets of our last teatime course is coming to a DVD near you sometime in May 2008. I'm just preparing myself for the fact that I should have got my haircut - no thanks to my dear colleagues who teased me mercilessly!) It's one of the most effective tools at my disposal in my work with families. I love building a sense of warmth in the group and letting the questions and comments flow. I love the whole ethos behind alpha. It's great! Give it a try if you haven't before - do consider some alpha training first! I can do this in my role of an alpha adviser so feel free to email me at if you need a hand with this. I'd love to see more churches running alpha in innovative ways that fit in with their ministry situations, which is what I have tried to do.

Alpha Scotland are holding a national vision day on Saturday 8 March at Bishopbriggs Christian Centre, Glasgow, from 9.30 til 4.30, lunch provided - please email if you want to attend.

I strongly recommend this day as it is gives an opportunity to hear how God is using Alpha round Scotland. I always come away from an Alpha event refreshed, envisioned, encouraged, blessed. Maybe see you there!

Addendum: talks to choose from:
Working with Eastern europeans in your community
Getting started with Alpha in the workplace
Getting started with Senior Alpha
Using Alpha to reach families (with yours truly in the hotseat)
Running the marriage course
Getting started with Prison Alpha and Caring for Ex-Offenders
How to run Youth Alpha in an hour or less
Follow-on ideas for after Alpha


  1. Is there a link to any on-line information about this?

  2. can't see anything online apart from my shameless plug. Checked the alpha scotland website
    Click here: Alpha Scotland - Who's Who? | Alpha Friends

    drop a line - he can send you out the original exciting email that invites folks to come to the day

    Hope this helps!


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