Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Re: Lottery Ticket (see Friday) - did I win a million?

Do you notice the tidying up of my blog? I have updated the "Blogs I Read" column even though there are a couple of pals in there who don't post very much any more; one of them mentioned that he thought he might start up again so I will keep him there in case he changes his mind (who said women are fickle!?!) I've also gone back and labelled all my old posts so should you be fascinated by my random personal musings, they are all easily found in one collection. A bit like Luther's "Table Talk" book (!) I was slightly alarmed at how many posts are under the heading of "studies" but then, lots I have been processing over the past 4 years has informed my practice and this blog has been a place where I can tease some thoughts out. I'm a lifelong learner; always have been; I don't see this stopping when I graduate with the theological qualification.

Need to update the "things I'm reading" section next....


  1. Yes, I noticed the spring clean! I thought I would have been culled, and in fact you probably should since I just can't get time & concentration enough to blog! OK, I'm actually wasting time on Facebook - it requires less effort!
    However, I should stress it has nothing to do with pastors making demands on my time! I am enjoying my involvement with the acey-pacey children's group so much - I just don't have time to reflect deeply & comment on it!

  2. Guaca, I could never "cull" you!
    x x x x


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