Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Experimental posting

I'm doing a preaching and communication course. I was given this recording of myself in December. I'm experimenting. Thanks to Talk Rhubarb for technical advice (and THM for technical advice two days ago!!)

My "teach" is in two parts, although it was delivered as one. I don't know how to edit two media files into one, without going into Quicktime (ha. there's an oxymoron!) I haven't the time for that!

part 1 is here. There is a 20 second period of quiet just after I start. I didn't fall asleep. Something happened to the recording. So persevere if you really want to listen to me! There are a few annoying emmms then they die out as I get going....! (think: express train and no stopping)

Then part 2 can be listened to here. Starts with a bible reading.
It gets interactive at the end with folks moving about so it tails off quickly.

It takes a minute or two to download, so a few people have asked me how long it lasts and what's it about. It's got lots of visuals but you can still follow it - it's about calling families to the task of evangelism together using the parable of the wedding feast; in partnership with the Holy Spirit who draws people to himself and with the Father, who goes out again and again and again to invite people to the banquet (Matt 22:1-10)

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