Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Coming soon .......

oh the embarrassment - just received an email from a church leader on the north of the city to say that they saw my smiley coupon on a very large screen at a conference at Holy Trinity Brompton on Saturday - on the new Alpha Invitation Promotional DVD being sent out to thousands of churches. I didn't know it was ready to be viewed yet! I was told May. I haven't even seen it yet!

A copy is coming up with the Alpha UK Director to be shown at the Scotland Vision Day on Saturday, so I'll squirm under my seat at that point (I always think I sound about 12 years old when I hear my voice played back)........


  1. Canny wait to see that. What Britain needs is to see your smiley coupon - you're a great advert for Christianity.
    V x

  2. Hey GG - thanks for your love and encouragment always.

    the soup needs to be for at least 30 by the way!!! Is that OK?


    (our secret code LOL!)

  3. I think I sounded ....very Glaswegian.


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