Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mid term break

We returned on Friday from 5 days in rural Perthshire. It was beautiful.

- the wee boy learned to ride his bike and managed a fair distance to the village (as he can't do the brakes yet this included squealing at high volumes when minor hills were traversed)
- laughing, chatting and sharing food with our good friends D and M, who now pastor a Baptist Church near where we were staying
- spending lots of time with a lovely family from our new church who were staying next door to us
- swimming every day
- not getting up before 9am every day
- plenty of time to think, pray, talk and reflect - particularly about our future with regard to housing

Thanks Father for holidays and friends.


  1. Anonymous1:47 AM

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  2. it looks lovely!!

  3. Glad to hear you had a good time - and I certainly recognize the locations of your photos!

    So you know D&M then? Ah, 'tis indeed a small world... my wife shared a flat with M's younger sister at Uni. She was here with her family staying with us last week!

  4. My blog has a post specially for you and other children's workers! What is said there is true, kind and necessary - shalom and hunners of blessings!

  5. Just made me laugh thinking of the boy racing away brakeless. Bless him!

  6. Jim - thank you! I am very touched and I love your post. Have left a comment.

    WSG, thanks for your comment. yes, he was headstrong and rather squealy. Think pig squeals and a blue blur and that was him. I tried to get you on phone today and yesterday. Thinking of you and missing you loads xx


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