Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grumpy Old Men

I had coffee with two grumpy old men today, respected theologians and thinkers the two of them, kidding on they are all prickly and hard-edged when really, they are kind, caring individuals with hearty chuckles and a great sense of humour (I used to work with one of them. He had to have a sense of humour!)
This is for them:-


  1. stuart11:21 PM

    who were the dirty dogs name and shame that is what i say...

  2. Miroslav Volf and Stanley Hauerwas, I believe!

    (PS didn't know Hauerwas is currently at Duke University - I have been there!!!)

  3. Hee hee. I remember going to see that film at the Dominion Cinema with my Mum, step dad and stepbrothers. Snort.

    Have to say I think the 'Meeeeow' is by far the best moment there. Lol!

    PS When were you at Duke (take it you mean one in NC?)

  4. Stayed in Chapelhill whilst leading a Southern Baptist church renewal weekend with my senior pastor.

    Gorgeous campus. Beautiful, beautiful town. And home of Ben Folds Five :-)


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