Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moving House

Moving house on Saturday. And my little boy is off school sick while I try to work on an independent study paper. Am worried that I may be suffering from slight stress.

~ Found a sock in the lawnmower............

~ Got inexplicably emotional about my daughter's coming home from hospital outfit as I unpacked boxes of baby clothes to give away..........

~ Shouted at a goldfish...............

~ put a pen in a knife drawer and a knife in my pencil case.........

I am hoping for fun times with some friends after this weekend.

Feel in need of night out that's not for a church meeting!
What's your top stress-busting tip?


  1. download "spotify" and search for the karaoke tunes- and then when no-one is within earshot, give it waldie!

  2. first thing - done

    second thing - done

    third thing - not done: seeing as I am in a library. That really would get me carted off...........
    thanks hideous, pal.

    Listening to "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" live from Paris

  3. 1. Spin round and round on the spot (this is for those REALLY tense moments when you find yourself screaming and shouting at inanimate objects)

    2. Chocolate.

    3. One Tree Hill/Friends/Gilmore Girls (or other American TV Drama of your choice that is not crime related)

    4. Drive round the block with some heavy rock music pumping insanely loud from your stereo. Low Flying Owls, Finch pretty good for letting it all out. Alternatively some chilled out music like Sarah McLachlan, The Perishers, Juno soundtrack work well too.

    5. Taking a moment out to read your bible. Last night I read Matthew 6 to remind myself of what's important because been really stressed over last few days.

  4. Thanks for these BK!

  5. Take a walk and get some fresh air. Feed the ducks. Find someone who makes you giggle and giggle really, really hard until you fall down and stuff starts coming out of your nose. That last one is VERY therapeutic.

    I had to smile at the sock in the lawnmower....

  6. PS. As for putting things where they shouldn't be, I am queen of this. I have put frozen peas in the plate cupboard. Milk in the cereal cupboard (thankfully realising because the cereal didn't fit in the fridge). Frozen bread, which was meant to stay in the freezer, in the vegetable tray.

    I think my weirdest one was when i was at college. I had a letter which i was sure I'd posted. I found it later in my fruit bowl.

  7. Oh Lucy, I am so looking forward to a fit of the giggles with a dear friend here.....

    thank you dear friend


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