Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have lost my keys again.........

It's actually putting me off going into the office, mainly because
(a) I can't get in (!)
(b) I'll be teased
(c) the office manager will be really annoyed

(at least the keys don't say "hi, we're keys to confidential storage" on them. They look like anonymous house keys)

Prayer appreciated, they always come back when I pray, but I'm turning round in circles with boxes to pack and things to take to charity shops.

I need a thick lanyard that doesn't dig into the neck so I wear it all the time, like the staff and volunteers of a large beautifully refurbished church with great facilities and storage for children and family work near us (not that I'm envious!) and/or a whistling keyring so I can find the keys........


  1. I hope you've managed to find them?!

  2. Wood Street Girl10:11 PM

    Now, from the last time you lost work related keys (that I was involved with) they were found stashed in your office when someone else looked...! Maybe get someone to go in and raid your work station for you my love! Praying for you.

  3. thanks Lucy.
    thanks WSG ::::::blush:::::: you remember that??
    In this place I lose them fairly regularly. Well, three major times since I got here. I'm finding the whole open plan thing entirely more difficult than I imagined it to me and I am wondering I am better in a confined space. Problem then is that it can be quite lonely. ANYWAY I prayed and felt God say they are in a cupboard and I immediately rushed off to the nearest cupboard and was disappointed that they weren't there. However they WERE in a home....and it wasn't me, it was S who put them there!!

    lots of love, hope to see you soon


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