Thursday, August 20, 2009

And now for something completely different

After my squint at the past year - time for something completely different - based loosely on some resources at ColdWater Cafe Humour section.....

You Know You've Run a Holiday Club When.......

You're seeing breadsticks and raisins in your sleep
You calculate just how many paper cups for Sunday morning supplies you can take without anyone noticing
Your own kids think you get abducted by aliens every August.
Summer doesn’t start for you until Monday 10 August when the club is over
You blew your holiday club budget and the Exec Pastor chose you for some "additional support and counselling"
You tasted PVA glue accidentally.
You tasted PVA glue on purpose - just to see if its toxic, of course.
The office staff and/or caretaker schedule holidays around August
You can build pretty much anything with some midget gems and cocktail sticks.
Everyone starts stalking your volunteers.
You have glitter in your teeth.
People in your church appear to feel sorry for you.
The worship deacon still glares at you for accidentally leaning a holiday club prop on the drum shields (I wouldn't DARE btw!!)
You and your family are willing to lay down your lives to see some kids and their whole families touched by the Lord.

More seriously, when balancing all the demands on time/staff attention/space/money etc in a busy church, I came across this quote on the website which I think is pretty accurate and perhaps helpful in terms of a vision for children's ministry:

Get aggressive to bless kids and people will come to you. McDonald's learned that years ago.

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  1. thanks for being such a big fan of our work at Barna Group. That means so much to us. keep checking back on our website over the next year or so -- and you might want to sign up for our free email newsletter. we've got much more research on kids, tweens, and young adults in the queue. blessings, David Kinnaman, President of Barna Group


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