Sunday, August 09, 2009

Away again

Champions Challenge BBQ went stormingly on Friday night; nearly every family came (except a few who were setting off on holiday) and there was a great atmosphere. This morning was our all age service; there were less children present than I would have thought but significantly there were some families whose children had had such a great time that they wanted to know more about how to connect in and come every week. I am thrilled and can't wait to feed this back to their wonderful group leaders who are the main point of contact during the hol club - I'm just the "point person" in many ways, leading from the front and enabling from the rear, I hope. These children received immense care and concern from the team and this indeed is the high point of summer clubs and camps. I am pleased that the rippling effects from holiday clubs/midweek clubs for children leading on into family support and friendship and perhaps towards family alpha - things I witnessed in my past church appears to be possible here,although I am obviously just at the beginning of this new journey - one year in next weekend.

Significantly perhaps, many, many, many of the older people in the congregation talked to me about how thrilled they were to see and hear what had been happening. As we have quite a few services in the morning with different ages and stages of life attending them, these are folks who don't always see and hear what God is doing and stirring amongst the young.
An interesting point to note, as I begin to think about an article I have to write on inclusiveness for our denomination's leadership journal.

Off to Aviemore for a few days to rest!!
Staying with wonderful friends who have a little flat above their garage for missionaries, pastors and needy folks.

Which category do I come in?? :-)


  1. Great to hear how well your 1st Morningside Holiday Club has gone. I have (sort of!) missed being part of that big mad week!
    I'm so glad it brought the congregation together - that's always a great benefit of holiday clubs.
    Hope you enjoyed Aviemore & are getting organised for the new term.
    lotsa love, V xx

  2. Hey Mrs!

    Good to hear how things are going east side. Crazy mental over hear with all sorts of changes - but exciting new moves which I feel are heaven sent. God is good! Hope you have had a good rest and are refreshed. Blessings, L xxx


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