Sunday, October 08, 2006

Easy like Sunday morning.....

Hmmm, was thinking I don't have anything particularly clever to say on this blog today. However, it was an interesting day.

Slept in (never! with kids! yes indeedy! Think they got up early and snuck Monsters Inc on to the DVD player then decided to go silent so they were undiscovered) - this long lie would have been truly heavenly except that we woke up at 9.20am and at 9.45am I was supposed to be meeting one of my small teams for pre-service prep and prayers.

yet again, unbrushed hair, sleepy eyes, and a stressful mad dash to church. No cup of tea either!

I had spent hours on Saturday night searching for pictures of Ahab and Elijah for my "meant to be as visual" as possible brief teach on the evil Omri dynasty and God's man, Elijah.
I think it went well. In terms of 5-14 learning outcomes, I am confident that I achieved the following:
(a) describe the nature of Omri's reign - (nasty and evil)
(b) state the name of God's man on the ground (Elijah)
(c) name the two kingdoms (dur)
(d) What was not good about Jezebel and Ahab's marriage? (foreign god worship x 100)

You are deemed to have success in teaching if 90% of your listeners achieve the learning outcomes. Hmmmm. Think the kids did; not sure about the adult listeners!

Anyway, I enjoyed my OT studies over the summer holidays and certainly didn't mind digging into 1 Kings again.

Then onto a lovely afternoon having lunch-till-5pm with friends and then I popped out to church tonight as usual so I could get my "input" (what I do is classed as "work" in the mornings. :-) I love doing it - I feel so privileged!). I took 10 minutes to singe my ears xxxxx I mean, straighten my hair - which resulted in lots of people generally being very complimentary....what have you had done to your hair etc etc...what must I have looked like this morning?? (hedge and backwards come to mind)

Ooooh, another highlight; I got to sit in what my friend J calls "the cool zone" in church - where all the students and twenty-somethings sit. Didn't feel too old on account of my new shoes.

Which leads me back to my favourite topic - why I like kids - they don't mind if you haven't brushed your hair (probably because they haven't either); they are just delighted to have you with them.


  1. Hi Lynn, I have got a friend in the States who worked with children and still does in various ways who is now from the connection from my blog reading and enjoying your blog. But that is maybe because she can't see your hair!!!

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  3. Oh help, you can all see that I deleted a comment (above) ...why was that? Did I swear? Was I bitchy? Did I inadvertantly name my boss(es)? None of the above.

    I posted the following with a gentle chortle as I think about some of the entertaining, challenging and pretty impressive blogs I read and I remembered that TONE is very hard to decipher online....what you are posting in fun can come across as withering sarcasm. One of my colleagues said "I don't do smiley faces" - meaning :-) not meaning that s/he never smiles! I do use them because I tend to use them to signify tone: so that if you knew me you'd know I wasn't being nasty.

    So here's what I posted that I hoped wasn't misunderstood by some of my visitors:-

    aahhh bless, welcome Friend of Stuart. I am so pleased to have another visitor. Sorry that theological content only appears in tiny bursts on this blog. There are lots of fancy-pants male bloggers around :::::::::looks over shoulder::::::::whereas, by contrast, I haven't even been able to remove the excess html code to the left hand side of today's page....



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