Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Money money money

Oh my, January in my part of the world is synonymous with fiscal issues.
(hey, remember my post on oxymorons? What about this one: January pay)

Got to do tax return by Jan 31st - not done yet
Got to put my budget submission in - not done yet
Got to pay various bills - not done yet, awaiting the fulfillment of oxymoron above.

Thinking about budget submissions - how does one budget for the work of the kingdom?

Think of a number and double it because you are faithful in your area of ministry? (prosperity gospel approach)
Pray and write down the first figure that comes into your mind? (charismata approach)
Declare the victory won RIGHT NOW over budget poverty? (triumphalistic approach)
Spend, spend, spend and believe that you'll not be sacked (blind faith approach)

Actually a little known fact about me is that I spent my first three years in the world of work in a major UK bank. I even sat three years of banking exams, making me ACIBS (Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers). In other words I know how to:
* spend money and
* say exactly what I spent it on :)

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