Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year to one and all! I always get round to the New Year greetings, just two days late!

Had traumatic day at large park in leafy suburbs. Child # 1 fell off scooter twice. Child # 2 scooted right through the biggest pile of dog cr*p you have ever seen and my feeble attempts to poke it with a stick failed miserably. Now there's a big wodge of smelly stuff wedged under the mudguard.

Then he was mowed down by a child on new Christmas bike (blantantly sold without working brakes) going down a fast hill. (or fast downhill???) ; he was totally knocked flat. Just as well he was wearing four layers of clothing. You could hear the screams for miles.

Think we'll stay in the stale air of a centrally heated house tomorrow and away from the dogmenchie-besmirched*, roller-blading, bike-mowing, scooter-riding people crush of a popular park on a Bank Holiday.

* dogmenchie-besmirched = not a real word, but a lot more polite than other turns of phrase I could have used.


  1. Now Lynn - what have we (actually you)learned from all this?

    One thing should be - never in any circumstances, family, church, or indeed in a park etc. think that you can make things better by poking poo(what a polite word which I am not sure how to spell) with a stick!

  2. Meant to add to this post - out of courtesy to Max; I am sure he never dumps anywhere and walks off leavng it behind, and for this: I salute your family!


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