Monday, January 22, 2007


I have been involved in an adult training session all weekend, and as a result shared speaking at the main church service on evangelism in the context of the local church.

And I missed the children I work with! After the service I sought many of them out - that's not hard, head towards the tray of biscuits - to see some of them and chat to them. I really do love them and I miss them when I'm not there. Just as with my own biological kids.

I guess I'm in the right job.

I may have posted before that someone prophesied over me: "that you will save them from that which you went through". I was paralysed by fear when I was a child and I long that these children don't just exist as mini-Christians but that they develop apologetic skills, warrior intent and a disciple's heart!

A fellow SEVEN year old classmate asked my daughter why she loved God because, he said, he loved the devil. Winding her up or a statement of intent?? No matter what the intent behind that statement was - she's not just to stand but to stand strong :-)

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