Thursday, March 01, 2007

Guilty Mother

Re: last post - I am a guilty mum. Mr Personality Force Ten was being pretty testing again and then I find out............he has septic tonsils I have had enforced time indoors. Been good though. We probably all have fond memories of being tucked by our mums in a blankie on the couch in front of the TV. Getting the antibiotic down the throat is another matter.....

However, it meant I could not go to an anti-Trident public meeting. I was going to meet up with some education colleagues and have a light refreshment afterwards.....but hopefully we can reschedule this for the coming week.

Took my mum to the ballet tonight for her birthday!!! My first ever outing to see men in tights! I really wasn't that keen on going but to my surprise I did enjoy it. The orchestra were superb and I found the music really moving.

And another social weekend - planning to see The Good Shepherd.

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