Monday, March 05, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Went to see Hot Fuzz on Friday. I strongly recommend it!! There are some scenes of murderous carnage but it is tongue-in-cheek, laugh-out-loud humour with the gloriously talented Simon Pegg.

It's also a "who's who" of British comedy - I lost count after about twelve well known comic actors.

Spent a day at the chalk-face again today (English classes). I do enjoy this. I've blogged on this before, but nothing beats the banter in a staff room. Weird thing is walking the corridors and being tapped on the shoulder by some teenagers who are part of the church - they are shocked to see me out of context and I am shocked at physical contact by a teenager in a school tie. Actually, for tie - read "hoody".

Last week was a hard one - I used to love having meetings in my job because I work alone so often and now I don't as much because at the end I am reminded of (a) all the things I have forgotten to do prior to the meeting (b) all the things I now have to do arising out of the meeting! I am convinced that my ability to retain information is receding fast.......


  1. Martha Stalwart8:32 PM

    Observation on our ability to retain information: if it is a)interesting, b)relevant, c)on our agenda and/or d)significant I find it a lot easier to remember things!

    Maybe you should secretly tape the meetings in order to have a record of what you agreed to do, using a 24 style bug! I reccommend turning your natty hair clip into a recording device! Also in 20 years time you could use the transcripts as collateral against your colleagues! Bwahahahahaha!
    On the other hand you could just start taking minutes...

  2. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Martha, you're a smart cookie (or should that be CUPCAKE?) - noticed my bejewelled hair clip, did you?

    What's the protocol for minute-taking at team meetings? Can you patch me through to someone who knows?? Preferably someone who knoes how to handle a ringpull and a long earring post.....

    yours cryptically
    L (aka Jack)

  3. Natty hair clip....picture wanted

  4. Hot Fuzz is great but I didn't think it was as good as shaun - what do you think?

  5. Hi Paul.....ooooh I've got a new visitor - welcome! I was running around hiding the newspapers that lie everywhere and plumping the cushions when I remembered that this is a virtual world :-)

    Must confess to not having seen Shaun, but I think I will hire it out so I can.....we're huge SPACED fans in our house and that's how I came to like Simon Pegg so much.

    Please do visit again and I will drop by your blog too!


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