Thursday, March 29, 2007

Disaster strikes

Made a huge discovery today. It really shook my world.
I removed not just a grey hair from my head but a silver white one. Not a little short hair but one that was about 6 inches long. I was aghast. My kids crowded round to see it. "It's so white it's almost clear", said my daughter. Cheers, pet!

Time for that colour appointment with my dear friend Tom (the hairdresser!!)

It's been an interesting day. I risked being misunderstood today. I had to speak up for something I perceived as unfair. Does that make me a moaner? Or is it a prophetic dissatisfaction? The line between them is a narrow and difficult one to walk.

I am varying between immense excitement at all the good things happening in my life and moments of sadness and confusion. This week has seen an unexpected supernatural financial gift that has come to meet a specific need right on the day it was needed (thank you, Father!)and a weekend of immense affirmation from my family AND from people in another setting who don't really know me well. And yet I have received some of "that kind of information" that I'd be better not to know as (a) it's not upbuilding and (b) makes me want to cry. Know the kind of thing I mean? As one of my friends said on Tuesday: watch out for friendly fire!

BUT..... tomorrow is Friday. I love Fridays....most Fri mornings I go to Costa (sorry M - but is it OK if I drink only the fairtrade tea? I don't like coffee) with my playground mum friends who are such good company then hang out with them not only at lunchtime but, because the school holidays start tomorrow, later in the afternoon too, with loads of kids in tow. And then another school family have invited us for tea. A very relaxing day. Bring it on!

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