Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I, our office manager and our administrator are SERIOUSLY obsessed by 24.
I'm on Series 4.
Office Manager is on Series 5.
Cupcake, I mean, Martha, has seen Series 4 but needs to catch up with my series 3 (she likes to be different)

We're finding ways of bringing Jack-Bauer-speak into the daily routine of office life.
I am finding my imagination is running riot.
* I could ask J to patch me through the coordinates of the family I've to visit.
* She and I decided my hairclip contains a secret recording device to actually prove once and for all Who IS Responsible For Our Church Website.
* We could request satellite realignment and thermal imaging of the south side of the city to track down the Senior Pastor's whereabouts
* just as we see someone return to church after a long absence, they will be bundled into a car and driven away at high speed, with a Pastoral Leader in hot pursuit to win them back to the family of God (successfully of course) .......

How else could the Christian Church benefit from a Jack Bauer? :-)
There's something of the Quosh-Injustice -Let's -Take-Action about him! He's a subversive!


  1. Some of this sounds a bit scary Lynn - glad it's just a bit of fun!
    Last year Mark Driscoll posted this which I'm sure you'll enjoy:
    Jack Bauer a type of Christ.

  2. It was fun....but I thought I had better edit it in case of misunderstandings!

    I thought I would add that I had been or am all of the things I had put in the list, except an inconsiderate flag waver :)


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