Monday, June 11, 2007

Anyone up for a challenge? There's a PRIZE!

A few weeks ago, I was telling a friend about one of my all-time favourite movies, Leap of Faith, starring Steve Martin. It's a fascinating film, on the face of it a comedy, but actually chock full of deep meaning, and particularly at the end when something unexplainable happens leaving Steve Martin contemplating the faith of others. Read this great review of the film here but please note the warning that "those who take religion seriously may be offended". Therefore recommendation of this film is highly suitable for those of us in this wee corner of blogland ::::chuckle:::::

Anyway, one of the best bits is when Steve, pretending to be an evangelist-cum-showman appears to exercise words of knowledge in an evening meeting (these are really bits and pieces of information that he is team and have picked up from townspeople in the days prior to the "revival meeting"). Check here for an example!

His partner in crime issues him with a challenge every night; to insert some random words or phrases into his "message" for the evening.

And so I bring you..........the Random words challenge
, courtesy of this website.

The challenge is to use one of the pairings of random words in a blog post, in a serious thread, over the next week or so. Following Brodie's excellent idea, the example that tickles me most will win a PRIZE.

So come on all you wordsmiths; there are four pairings to choose from. One of these pairings (only one, to make it subtle!) must be inserted seamlessly into a blog entry of yours in as normal a fashion as possible. Will anyone notice? :-)

Your choices:

nonjuring capriole
reboant mutagenesis
semipellucid aspasia
curule thurification

Deadline for prize winning: a week on Friday - 22 June 2007.


  1. And you said you couldn't understand a word of my last post? I've got a couple of words for you:
    pot kettle.

  2. :::::laughing:::::

    Be flattered - you were my inspiration!

  3. Aargh!! You know I can't resist a challenge, but what do these words mean???
    I'm still working on the baby, beer, boys, dislikes thing!

  4. Great news is, you don't have to know what these words mean :-) They just get thrown into a posting. Someone has already done this with one of the pairings so skilfully that it's hardly noticeable.

    But they are real words :-)

  5. Anonymous9:41 PM

    I bet youcould get them into an essay! I'll do my best with the rest of New Testament!!

  6. I struggle to put any words with more than 3 syllables into anything I write.....

    oh hold on - per-i-cho-re-sis

    (I wrote that once last August)


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