Friday, June 08, 2007

I've been tagged! How exciting!

I should actually be posting my photo-journal today but I am going to respond to Brodie's challenge to spill the beans on 7 things about me. I have been in the library for most of the day, and I took pictures to prove it, but they haven't come out! I think people around me thought I was a little....unusual....for photographing my desk. I've been reading various critiques of the Christus Victor theory of atonement so I have come to the conclusion that either God doesn't want me to post photies today or the cosmic battle ranging in the unseen realm has prevented the photos uploading..........

<<(1) a baby (2) beer (3) girls (4) time (5) dislikes (6) hobbies (7) tomorrow>>

1. What was I like as a baby? I was going to say "cute" but I'm not sure that's the first thing my mum would say! My response is "not alone" as 11 months after I was born I was joined by my brother. Mum, what were you thinking........!?!?!?

2. Beer - oh sweet memories. Early university days - cider drinker. Only in small amounts (cheap). Then between First and Second Year I went to work on an archaeological dig with the most cosmpolitan and interesting bunch of folks you could ever imagine and I was indoctrinated into the world of hard liquor - well, vodka and gin. Hence began my short period of being quite far away from God but it didn't last long as a deputation from my home (and current) church came to find me as they were "worried about me". This pastoral visit from a trusted bunch of friends resulted in me repenting and coming back to God - but still liking voddy to this day. Mmmmm, with ice. And in moderation :-)
Don't really like beer that much - except Rolling Rock. Does that count?

3. Boys - how much detail do I go into here? I can remember every one of my deeply held infatuations, though my first proper "last song" snog was at a Scout Disco, age 14. Don't remember anything else except what I was wearing !?!?!?!? (blue sailor dress, from What Every's). Longest crush (about 3 years) was on Richard Phillips, mad scientist-type guy in my class, now a puffin watcher on Antarctica (so Friends Reunited tells me). Oh, also on Adam Ant - Stuart Goddard - for about 3 years. I really did kiss the posters on my wall every night.

I also fell into the non-Christian/Christian boyfriend dilemma at University but made some right choices, hard though they seemed at the time. Then I went to the Orkneys and was swept off my feet for a few months by a Christian fisherman (you couldn't make this up).....before falling for my to-be husband at the ripe old age of....19....Yet I had gone out with him two years previously and chucked him round about the archaeological dig time! Those years are testament to the grace of God and my heart that yearned to be obedient, even if I didn't always manage it!

4. time - I hate being late. Since having children I can tend towards being 5 or 10 minutes late for personal appointments (not school or work) but I try to be on time and usually manage it.

5. dislikes - intolerance, unfairness, procrastination and inaction, coffee, high heels, dust.... but also dusting. Oh, and my own judgmentalism.

6. hobbies - 24! Cinema. Listening to a wide range of music (and used to be going to gigs; not so often now). Going out with friends - I spend a lot of time with friends from outwith church - phoning or emailing those who are scattered across the country, going out regularly with those who live near here. This is very important to me.

7. Tomorrow - during the day, everyone is leaving me so that I can finish my essay on the meaning of salvation. So I'm going to be alone ::::sob::::: and distracted, no doubt. However at night, I am cooking dinner for friends who are coming round. A lovely way to end Saturday.

Now I tag:

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  1. thanks to the Boy Likes Butteries who has responded on his blog (link on left hand side of page!)

  2. Anonymous9:39 PM can you possibly dislike high heels?????????????????????????? Margaret x


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