Monday, June 04, 2007


Some of my esteemed blogging comrades - I shouldn't really I mention names - but this one, this one and this one, have got lots of cool and funky visuals on their blogs with personal "motifs" that tell us a little about them and their lives. We see dogs, vegetables, megaphones, cast iron maps of the River Clyde, voluminous shelves of books, hats, YouTube clips a-plenty, clustr maps and the like....and all I have on neanderthal blogger (WHY DO I HAVE TO LOG IN EVERY TIME when it says it will "REMEMBER ME". Clearly it doesn't.) is the odd wee picture here and there.

I thought I would record my day with photos tomorrow and have a photo journal (this will be a laugh as I have just realised that I am out all day at LOADS of places) so hopefully this will provide a bit of interest for the visual learners (like me)....

Hope I don't get arrested at some of the places I will be photographing......


  1. errrrrrrr, took the camera out at Destination no 1 today and....there was no battery in it.......
    [ me and technology ]

    start again tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for the credit, but I'm a long way behind your other 2 esteemed comrades.
    Look forward to seeing your pics - the battery thing is exactly the sort of thing that would happen to me (note the passive tense i.e. not "the sort of thing I would do"!!)


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