Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Looking forward to........

Not one but two Edwyns have been significant in my formative years; one whom I've seen much more of than the other! (and with a slightly different spelling)

I am very much looking forward to Edwyn Collin's gig tonight.

Edwyn suffered a devestating cerebral haemorrhage in 2005 and had made steady progress in rehabilitation and recovery. He has THE most distinctive voice; probably best known to younger readers for the song "A Girl Like You" (which, bizarrely, was frequently played as background music to conversational scenes in Neighbours in the late 90s. The Grundy Corporation must have had some kind of deal with Edwyn!)

Making music and song writing are gifts given by God; of that I am sure!


  1. Wow! Lucky you - hope you enjoy the gig.

  2. It was an amazing gig. The crowd cheered and cheered as Edwyn "came home". We were almost right at the front.

    There were still signs of Edwyn's sharp wit, replying to the shout-outs from the crowd - "we love you" etc;

    And Roddy Frame's skill on guitar, is - quite simply - breath-taking. Stand out tracks: Blue Boy and Rip It up, but also the new track "Home Again".


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