Saturday, April 26, 2008

Worship Central

I've had a great day at Worship Central but I am so so tired now.

I will blog more about this at a later point.

Suffice to say - Mike Lloyd - you rock! Loving that trinitarian stuff.
Pete Greig - loved what he said. In my mind I have been adapting the teaching to suit the 8s to 11s - 'twas a great topic for children. At its heart it is so simple that it is easy for children to grasp. Now, that's not surprising, given Jesus words about children!

People I chatted to today - heaven! Friends old and new everywhere.

Love the emphasis on meeting with God with a strong reminder that this should result in mercy and justice flowing from our worship of God to the world "out there" - this is a particular passion of Tim Hughes. Also am very impressed with the desire to bring good theology into the whole area of worshipping - leading, doing, being!


  1. It was a good day. Al Gordon was looking for comments over on his Worship Central blog.


  2. Thanks for this Ed.
    The temperature (literally and spiritually) was still high in the place when we met for our worship service today!

  3. Rity ho! Glad to hear it.



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