Thursday, May 22, 2008

Holiday Weekend

**** COMPETITION closes Tuesday 27 May ******* (more entries please!)

My family cell report is submitted, my personal reflections are written up and now I can relax for the weekend. I was absolutely ecstatic when I finished it at 4am this morning. God's been amazing - a friend who doesn't usually call me phoned out of the blue at 5.40pm last night, 5 mins after I put my head on the desk and cried really hard telling God I was so tired and just felt I had too much to get written up. (think I researched and read a little too much for the brief that I had. Information selection has always been my weakness). She prayed for me on the phone and God COMPLETELY renewed my strength as I had been up till 2am the night before the 4am one. I feel so, so good, not tired at all today! And just so...loved. I love him so much, whenever I sink to a low he's right there...even in something as mundane as writing up research!

I'm REALLY looking forward to going away this weekend.

We are going camping with six other families, friends from the "school gate" - all our kids play so well together and we're heading somewhere in England-shire, Northumberland (Doonhamer Geordie-way) for a few days. Think we will see a castle, visit a beach, have a walk, cook, chat and chill out together.

Worst bit with campping is always preparing to go - spending three nights scrabbling round the attic getting torches, sleeping bags, caping stove, plastic tableware etc - three nights finding it all for two nights use.....and two more weeks of stuff lying around the hallway afterwards till it all gets put away again......

We've been told by the main organiser that all we need is beer and a barbecue. Excellent. And earplugs (I'd add) and loads of jumpers and blankets. And mini packs of cereal - you know the ones you never let your kids buy? Till now.

What item would you make sure you took with you if you went camping?


  1. Hey, well done! I don't know how you do it, working till 4am. You must be so glad to have it all finished.
    I'm not really a camping person (too fond of the home comforts) but I would probably take 16 warm jumpers & a good book or 2 (NOT like the ones lurking on your desk this week - too heavy!)
    Hope you have a good weekend.
    V xx

  2. V

    I've bought a HEAT magazine to take.

    Oh my shallow life.

  3. Hmmm I'd probably take facewipes and midget spray! I'm not a fan of camping but should I go I like to remain a) clean and b) unbitten. Like GG I'm a little too fond of the home comforts! Hope you enjoy it though - pray for some sunshine!


  4. My "hot" tip is a fleece hat - very useful for wearing in bed. If you pull it down over your eyes not only will your head be nice and warm but the sun won't waken you up so early.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Your description of the before and after are what cause me to keep procrastinating about camping. But once there, it's great fun.


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