Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Florida Outpouring Update

I have just read another great blog post by Steve Hickey today.
It feels so similar to what I wrote last night.

Please do read this. Steve Hickey is a respected senior pastor and writes much better than me :-) And although I don't know him, I sense so much wisdom.

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  1. D & I have been watching most nights Lynn. It is totally amazing to see the children give testimony - and so matter of fact in how they share. A boy's eyesight healed, another able to hear from being 60% deaf, and a young girl healed from dreadful headaches.

    We went to a church in Glasgow on Sunday night where they are pressing in for more outpouring of God each night. A teenage girl was healed of asthma and did a few laps of the church! It's awesome ... some may doubt and some may scoff but I for one wouldn't want to pass judgement or not give the glory to God for all the good that is happening.

    Stay blessed
    L x


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