Sunday, May 25, 2008


Here are some pics from the weekend - starting with - this is our little school gate community decanted to a field in Northumberland. And our tent.

This is my castle.
Kidding - its Bamburgh Castle

And this is where I burned my nose

Here are my ridiculously Paris-Hilton-style-too-big-sunglasses which focussed inordinate amounts of sun on my nose. And resulted in a line of freckles on the cheeks (remember freckles = not good)

And here are a bunch of dads in the process of being gubbed by a bunch of 5-8 year olds in a football match


  1. I disagree - I LIKE freckles. Yeah, I get them too. And proud of it :) Looks like you had fun!

  2. Hi Lucy

    had great fun. I was very tired today though - on the first night 17 children didn't sleep very much and then went out to play football (practising for the last photograph no doubt) at 7am

    Freckles - I did like them when I was younger but now I'm too old for them surely!


  3. Looks like you had a fantastic time - it's one of our favourite places to go on a sunny afternoon! Hope you left it in one piece!

  4. waay hayyy mon!
    There were campers from newcastle around us and I couldn't understand a word of what they were saying. I just grinned and nodded.

    Bamburgh is gorgeous.
    Also padded round the sand dunes on Holy Island yesterday.

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  6. Oh looks good. Glad you had fun. I haven't been to Bamburgh since childhood. I spent an hour today with a prisoner from Newcastle though so waay hayyy mon from me too!

    You inspired me, btw, a wee bit, so we had a camping trip to our back garden on Saturday night. I credited you on my blog.

  7. Oh Anne, very kind of you to credit me on your blog. I feel an inspiration to zed-bed owners everywhere.

    Long live garden camping! That's what I say.


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