Thursday, October 26, 2006

Things I Read

Thanks to Hippo Critic, who helped me make my blog a nicer place to visit today. All he needs is a cup of coffee and a laptop and he's a happy guy.

I need to explain my "What I'm Reading" list, before you think I'm either a bit-over-the-top on the religious front or a shallow "footballers' wives" fan (and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with either!!!!!)

1. The Bible.
I try to read this every day. I almost manage this but I don't beat myself up if I don't. It is immensely important to me. We didn't mean the picture to come out that huge. Roll on blogspot version 2.

2. The Herald should be no. 2 but I got my html a bit muddled. Because I used to teach politics I feel unprepared for the day if I haven't read a quality broadsheet. I kind of like having the Scottish dimension. The Herald manages this and doesn't skimp on the International section. However, it doesn't feature enough in-depth analysis like, for example, the Guardian/Independent manage. I am also rather fond of a couple of the Herald journalists. I like their campaigning stance. (headnod to Billy Briggs and Damien Henderson - liking your style)

3. Heat magazine. I DO NOT buy this every week. But hey, I like reading it.. I maybe buy one once every six weeks? Does that make me a shallow person? I like to think of it as my homework for my contextualising the gospel class. For the same reason I like some of the glossies like Cosmo. Can't stand OK and Hello though. In my church there is a squad of us who recycle glossies like Heat so loads of people get to read a bundle.

Also beside my bed (and propping up my Things To Do List nicely) are volumes by RT Kendall, Robin Parry and David Crowder.

What's on your bedside table just now?


  1. what's a bedside table. Chiars are for reading in, beds are ...well for other things!

  2. "beds are ...well for other things!"

    ......for spreading out mountains of clean clothes that need put away...

    (in my house, at this moment in time!)

  3. What is a chiar? I want one to read in.

    Who needs a bed

    ...for putting clothes on...

    How big a bible is that?

  4. I know, it's the giant large print version, all I could nick off of Amazon. Hippo Critic helped me get it.

    Sort of e-art theft.

  5. I actually have a bag that I keep all my reading material in so it's with me at all times when I might have a free moment to read. I'm currently reading a book on Worldviews and I am re-reading for like the 20th time Prince Caspian after seeing the new movie.

  6. welcome! Kind of you to comment and thanks for the suggestion - you should see the mess of what's inside the hippy-like bags I trail around with me....hmmmm, could be a topic for another post in a few day's time.....


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