Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Competition Time - Tuesday

This is not a staged photo - this is my dining room today (Tuesday)
Similar to the last competition, which GadgetVicar won, there will be prize.
(check out what he did here) I will make a donation to one of three charities:-

* Positive Action in Housing's Destitution Fund
* The Bethany Trust
* Tearfund - to go directly to women in Darfur - see Lucy's blog

The winner can choose which charity they would like the donation to go to.
The competition question is this:
In the photograph above, how many books are on the table?

BONUS - an extra £5 will be added to the donation if the first person with the correct number of books has additionally added the title and author of FIVE of the books with their answer.

TOP TIP (I'm far too kind) Double click on the picture to see my mess on an even larger scale. Is that tea or coffee I'm drinking do you think?

All reponses to the comments section. Please don't be shy! Give it a go, those who lurk, come and say hello!


  1. What a good idea. Checked back on the last competition and had a giggle.

    I assume YOU know how many books are on the table?! ;)

    hugs - and thanks for being so encouraging

  2. Thanks for your kind words Lucy.
    Thinking up silly things to do comes easily to me as:
    (a) I now work with primary children and
    (b) I worked with unruly teenagers full time in secondary ed for 11 years and (
    c) I'm studying. Not my favourite thing to do. Prevents creativity.

    Tip: double click on the photo and it goes massive-sized!

  3. OK - I can count 21.
    1 is the Bible (or if not, it jolly well should be!)
    Also: "Will our children find faith?" by John Westerhoff (your favourite!);
    "Joining children on the spiritual journey" by Catherine Stonehouse;
    "The Challenge of Cell Church" by James Jones and Philip Potter and SU's "Top Tips on Growing Faith with Families"

    Quite a nice selection - hope you're enjoying the write-up. It'll be worth it in the end!

    see you soon,
    V xx

  4. V, you are so sharp. And you seem to know me so well! :-) Was it coffee or tea? :-)

    I'm not telling you whether you have got the correct number or not, I am expecting at least three more entries :-)

    I've only got 800 words to go plus 2 bibliographies, several appendices and questionnaire tabulation to go but I feel so happy - I will have completed the equivalent of 5 modules (Jan - April) plus 2 modules hopefully Apr - June, which is full time in college hours, 2/3 of third year, plus work 3.5 days a week and I don't think I have neglected my job too much. There is always more I could be doing but its been good to take some time out for reflection and small group piloting!

    I feel there is so much more to come (bring it on! I feel excitement rising up, I really do!)

  5. That coffee is dangerously too close to the laptop for comfort - never mind all those books, some of which I can see are not even yours!

  6. oooohhhhh THM you sound like my mum ;-))

    You're right - about 6 of the books are mine, about 6 on small groups are my colleague P's and (oooh I can't say the number or I'll give the game away) are from that wonderful institution I know you love too....can't afford to buy loads of books on what I earn (but the odd Heat magazine is OK)

    go on, go on, have a go at the comp!

  7. I'll have a go and guess 25...
    There seem to be some smaller ones lurking underneath bigger ones - which really isn't fair!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. sorry, typo on previous comment of mine. Hence the deletion!

    thanks for your entry DG
    Every book on the table is visible in some shape or form.
    I'm fair :-)

    Have a good evening.
    Winner announced Tues 27 May

  10. I'm going for a modest 20 books! Erm, I spy:

    'How to read the bible for all its worth' by Gordon D Fee & Douglas Stuart

    'The Challenge of Cell Church' by Phil Potter

    'Will Our Children Have Faith?' by John H Westerhoff III

    'Family in the Bible' by Richard S. Hess & M. Daniel Carroll


    'Theology for the Community of God' by Stanley J. Grenz


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