Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Young Team

I'm responsible for four young people working with our church this week in a very unique programme (and a good one I think). They have spent 6 months living and working in another culture, getting on with primary education in a pretty poor area, and being part of an indigineous local church, serving and helping in any way they can. They are now travelling round the UK for 8 weeks, visiting a different church each week.

I've only been with them for a few hours today and it's clear that this has impacted them in many, many ways. They seem like an outstanding bunch and I'm looking forward to nurturing the giftings and potential I see already on them. They will be commencing further studies and going back to work so this year is a VITAL one for them; one which they have never to forget, and they seem so open to learn and capitalise on that which they have already learned in another culture. I want to pray that they will also give and receive on this week.

So I've worked hard to give them a balanced timetable and stuck to all the instructions given to me by the mission agency; to provide a good mix of children/youth work; some ministry with vulnerable adults as well; and plenty of time to receive some teaching and refreshing... I'm certain they are going to have a good time. And we want to bless their socks off, make them feel special too. I think I can do that :-)

So please pray for them and all the young people they will be in contact with this week. I feel very privileged to have them. So many older people nurtured me and released giftings in me when I was mid/late teens and twenties: I love returning the favour.

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