Saturday, October 28, 2006

God made dentists

I want to record here how fantastic my dentist Tracey is.
I have been suffering from niggly on-off pain for a couple of weeks in the lower jaw. It ERUPTED on Friday night to full blown "I'm crying" pain. Nurofen Extra and Brufen calmed it a little - till 3am .......

Phoned my dental surgery's emergency number and got to see Tracey at 10.30am today (a Saturday!). It's been fairly complicated to diagnose but I have acute pulpitis - an inflammation in the pulp of one of my teeth. I have had this before. The scunner is that my filling was taken out to check for this and there was no more decay there..apparently sometimes the nerve shrinks back and gets inflamed in response to a filling, which it senses is a foreign substance in the tooth.

Wow, and there was me thinking teeth were fairly inanimate pieces of ??? hard stuff (don't know what you call it!)

I have had loads of ligacaine (isn't that in an Eels song?) and am feeling sore but better.
Tracey has phoned me twice to check I am OK - God bless her - and also to see if she needed to start yanking the root out tonight in an emergency procedure.

I received some prayer from other members of church on Friday morning; at that point it looked like I wouldn't be able to get an appointment to see my dentist till later in the month; and it was a precious 10 minutes where I felt "safe in God's hands" - that I could trust him with my teeth. Makes sense really - seeing as I am supposed to trust him with my life.

Thank you Father for Tracey!

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