Friday, October 20, 2006

Inverse law of tidying-up

Why is that when you have a day clearing out and tidying up, you actually end up with more mess than you started with? That was one of today's experiences, in these last few days off.

Yesterday I had a (half) day in library, reading about contextualisation of the gospel, which I rather enjoyed, but then I realised that I had a case study to do for the final assignment and I started to panic a little in thinking about where I'd find my cross-cultural case. Pah, why couldn't I just end the day enjoying the feeling that I am actually ahead of reading rather than at the dog's tail of the work needing done?

Today I had a (half) day clearing out and tidying up, ending up with more mess in the process. Why is that? I call it the inverse law of tidying up or sorting out filing. It's the same in my office.

What are your techniques for dealing with troublesome piles of paper/mess/household junk?

Decluttering gives me more clutter to get rid of..............


  1. Personally have always thought that tyding up was an avoidance strategy for doing study and work - so I avoid where did I put my computer under all this stuff...

  2. a long time a go in a galaxy far away I did a cross cultural case study to. I looked at the issue of Turkish identity being equal to being muslim, so what happenes if you become a Christian. For my research I interviewed Julyan.
    we've loads of people in the church with cross cultural experiance so you'r kind of spoilt for choice!


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