Thursday, October 19, 2006

One week on.....

Wow, can't believe a week has passed since I last blogged. I had a lovely time in Aviemore and Inverness with the family. The batteries are fully recharged and I am raring to go - just home and the phone is ringing ferociously with questions about the kids work over the coming weekend.

Got loads to post - including "just how many members of your home church can you meet during one trip to the Highlands?" "Hospitality - the continuing drama of life with a 4 year old" and more on "Labour's get-tough policies on asylum and immigration".

But it will have to wait - am off to see Children of Men tonight. I am looking forward to admiring the work of Clive Owen - is it OK to say that? He really is a great actor.


  1. After children of men you have got to check out 'The Departed'...awesome, awesome awesome (if somewhat bloody).

  2. Forget about admiring Mr Clive Owen; this film is, for me at this time, particularly stirring. I'd urge any readers to go and see it!

    Surely this film is pure fiction, seeing as it is set in 2027, where all immigrants are herded into detention centres and treated like animals?


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