Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Moronic post

Good debate going on here.

I posted a short comment where I mentioned (not seriously of course) an oxymoron - teachable Baptist. (deliberate capital B!)

I have always loved oxymorons. Here the top twenty from
this site. Can anyone make their own up?

20. Government Organization
19. Alone Together
18. Personal Computer
17. Silent Scream
16. Living Dead
15. Same Difference
14. Taped Live
13. Plastic Glasses
12. Tight Slacks
11. Peace Force
10. Pretty Ugly
9. Head Butt
8. Working Vacation
7. Tax Return
6. Virtual Reality
5. Dodge Ram
4. Work Party
3. Jumbo Shrimp
2. Healthy Tan
1. Microsoft Works


  1. scottish football?

  2. Like it elaine!
    I was in the Offside audience on Monday night....

  3. I always liked "civil engineer" - particularly the ones I met at uni!

  4. I'm particularly fond of "vegetarian meatballs"!


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